Have you ever experienced the feeling where there is a MASSIVE crisis happening and you want to do something to help? Only, there is nothing you can do. You are either too young, don’t have enough influence, don’t have the resources or the crisis is so humongous that there is nothing you really can do.

I know most of us have felt that way before. I’m sure many of you, like me, feel this way right now. We want Trump to stop making outrageous and racist decisions or we want the fighting in the Middle East to cease. We want poverty to be eradicated or maybe, we just want the broken pieces of our life to be glued back together.

Luckily, there is actually something we can do. This method of action may seem small and may not exert a lot of energy, but it is the most effective method of action we can ever take.

It’s called Prayer.

Proof Please?

Now, I do understand that anyone who is reading this article will ultimately be in one of two camps. The first camp is called the ‘Yeah! Let’s do this!’ camp. If you are part of this camp, you 100% believe in the power of prayer and are more than happy to use this method to solve all the world’s problems. You understand what God can do through prayer.

The second camp is called the ‘Really? I’m not so sure about that’ camp. If you spend your holidays at this camp, you are skeptical about the power of prayer. You may either be a Christian, a non-Christian who still believes in God or a person who doesn’t believe in God at all! Wherever you stand, you aren’t fully decided on what prayer can actually accomplish. You need evidence.

Well, guess what?! I have evidence! And no. It isn’t in the form of some boring story with English techniques in every second paragraph. My evidence is in the form of a hour and a half original motion picture.

War Room

war roomUnder the masks of success and wealth, Tony and Elizabeth Jordon are hiding something. Inside the pricey house they live in, the skeletons in their closets are emerging. Within the seemingly small, happy family they have built together, darkness is forming.

Their marriage is disintegrating.

Whilst juggling high-paying jobs, temptation and parenting, Tony and Elizabeth’s marriage is darkening. Tony is slowly breaking away and Elizabeth’s bitterness is on the rise. It seems as if nothing is going to help them rebuild.

Until, Elizabeth’s new client offers a remedy. As Elizabeth helps Miss Clara put her house on the market, she opens up to Miss Clara about her failing marriage. Miss Clara, a strong Christian, encourages Elizabeth to start a prayer strategy, in order to fight against the ruin her marriage is becoming.

Heeding Miss Clara’s advice, Elizabeth begins a monumental battle, with the purpose to bring her family back together (2).

110% Sound Proof

While the film War Room is fiction and not based on a true story, is has its foundations in experiences found all over the world. It harnesses what the power of prayer has really done in reality and weaves it into a story of fiction.

War Room is a life-changing film. Through its storyline, characters, comedy and ‘Jesus background’ War Room communicates just how effective prayer is. War Room tells its audience that no matter how small prayer can seem, prayer delivers fascinating and AMAZING results.

Whether you belong to the ‘Yeah! Let’s do this!’ camp or the ‘Really? I’m not so sure about that’ camp, War Room will definitely change your perspective on prayer. It will motivate and encourage you to result to prayer as a Plan A when dealing with crisis. Prayer will become the most important tool in your changemakers arsenal.

Still not convinced that War Room is sound evidence? Consider this: Variety.com stated, “War Room … a biblical box-office smash.” If a secular entertainment website praises War Room so highly, it is sure to be a winner at your next movie night (2,3).

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