The Sequel (dun, dun, duunnn…)

Back in January, I did a ‘Spotlight’ article on the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris (Spotlight: ‘Do Hard Things’). This month, the ‘Spotlight’ article is on their sequel Start Here.

What Now?

So, you’ve read Do Hard Things and are super keen to participate in the Rebelution. Right? Yes! I was right. Yet, I’m sure you are at a bit of a loss of what exactly to do. Then read Start Here!start-here-book-cover

Start Here is step two of doing hard things. Whilst Do Hard Things equips its readers to take hold of something more exciting, Start Here presents ideas on exactly how to grasp that something, while still keeping with the original message.  To put it in Alex and Brett Harris’ words, “Do Hard Things shows how young people can take hold of a more exciting option for their teen years…In other words, Do Hard Things marked the beginning of an movement. Start Here is your personal field guide to jumping in and getting involved.”

The Ins and Outs

Start Here is very similar to Do Hard Things is that the format and content is similar. The only difference is the point it’s trying to make. Instead of convincing you to join the Rebelution, Start Here assumes you have already been convinced and provides a step-by-step guide on how to act on the Rebelution.

There are ten chapters in this 160-page book, taking you through each step of acting on the Rebelution. Along side more stories and personal experiences of the Harris twins, practically every, single question which a Rebelutionary is bound to ask, is covered. From answering the question of “I’m ready to get started-on something! What should I do now?” to “What should I do when I’m done with a hard thing? Is it okay to take a break?” Start Here will answer every query you could possibly have.

Additionally, Alex and Brett cover situation after situation that arises when being a part of the Rebelution. Alongside everything they write about, a Christian perspective is shown and is constantly used to link the Rebelution and doing hard things back to God.  Likewise with Do Hard Things, a discussion guide and a lost of 100 hard things is also included.

My (Slightly) Biased Perspective

There is no way that you could read this book and come away still not knowing what hard thing you should do. This book inspired me so much and work alongside Do Hard Things to change my perception of teenagers and to change my life.

Buy Start Here and begin reading it. I believe it’s the best book to read in relation to becoming a changemaker and it will DEFINATELY change your life.


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