In a world of broken relationships and marriages, it’s encouraging when a few-centuries-old tradition is still celebrated. It’s even more encouraging when you discover that roughly 150 million cards for said tradition are exchanged every year (1). I am, of course, talking about Valentine’s Day, coming up this Tuesday!

History Lesson Time!!!!

Yeah, nah. There is a crazy, long history behind this famous holiday which I’m not going to explain, but if you’re interested, go to this link. It has a summary video if you’re a visual person and text if you like reading!

Clichéd?? Overused?? Boring??

For us Down Under, Valentine’s Day isn’t really celebrated. Yeah, we might wish our loved ones “Happy Valentine’s Day” or maybe go ‘extreme’ and write cards, but we don’t go to American extremes. I don’t know any school which gets each class to exchange cards with each other or anyone who goes all out and buys their girlfriend a HUGE box of chocolates.

So then, from that observation, I gather a lot of you, like me, either feel that this romantic holiday has gotten overused or it’s become boring. Therefore, I’m going to tell you about some little things you can do this Tuesday (and every day if you really wanted to) to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a new way and be a changemaker.


These little nuggets are also known as Acts of Random Kindness. As the name implies, ARKs are actions which show random kindness. Five actions that you could do this Valentine’s Day to show love are:

  1. Make your sibling/s bed
  2. Engage in a conversation with someone on the bus (instead of sitting there with earphones in!)
  3. Hand out hand-outs, books etc. for a teacher in class
  4. Say really encouraging things all day to your classmates (not just your friends)
  5. Set the table for dinner and wash up afterwards

Those are just five actions you could, but there are plenty more! Think outside the box and do creative acts of random kindness to others this Tuesday to show love.

Give Cards

I do actually get it. Cards are used every Valentine’s Day and might be weird to some of us…(?????) Anyway, despite its tradition, cards are a really good way to tell someone how much they mean to you. Cheesy, I know. Yet, I don’t think we thank our parents for how much they do for us enough (hint, hint). Sooo…bearing that in mind, here are three people you could give Valentine’s Day cards to as a way of thanking them:

  1. Mum and Dad – parents do EVERYTHING for us, so I do think that they deserve a little thanks now and then
  2. A friend or friends – friends are very important in life, so I think Valentine’s Day is a good day to send them a card, telling them how good of a friend they are
  3. A teacher – sending a card to a teacher may be creepy but, especially in high school, teachers support us A LOT, so it’s worth sending a card to a teacher, telling them how supportive and awesome they are.


I know, as a teenager, we do often complain about being poor, but I think heaps of that spent money goes towards food, drink, gum, clothes and whatever other material stuff. This Tuesday, on Valentine’s Day, sacrifice your usual purchase of whatever it may be and give to the poor. You may choose to give to a local relief, or an organisation that your church or family gives to, or maybe an organisation of your choice. Whatever it may be, giving to others who have so little when we have so much is a fantastic way to spread love.

Sharing the Love

This Valentine’s Day, take one of these ideas on board and make the holiday ‘un-boring.’ Spin an overused holiday on its head and really take the time this Tuesday to share your love with others. You can still do the traditional things – I’m not saying that giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift is a crime – but be creative and don’t let February 14 go to waste.




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