Imagine this:

Two bored teenage boys. A stack of books in front them. The announcement from their dad that he was putting them into an intense summer reading program. A few months later, a blog created by these teenage boys which went global, turning into a full-on website. Conferences all around America, with these boys speaking and their own book called Do Hard Things.

Say What?!

Yep. That’s right. These boys went from just being public speakers and debaters in their alex-and-brett-harrisschool to being famous teenagers encouraging other teenagers all around the world to leap out of their comfort zones and do hard things.

These 16-year-old twin teenage boys were called Alex and
Brett Harris.

Do Hard Things

Now, I’m not going to explain these guys’ story in heaps of detail because they describe the whole thing in their book. I’m just basically going to rave about the book and recommend it. So, if you do want to know their story, READ THE BOOK!

Where Do I Start?

So, this ‘Spotlight’ article is actually technically meant to be published in February but I’m publishing it now because it’s a really amazing book for helping teenagers become changemakers. If you are really on board with this changemaker idea but have absolutely no idea where to start, Do Hard Things is definitely for you.

The Book Itself

Do Hard Things is essentially all about Alex and Brett Harris equipping teenagers with the motivation, advice, information and stories to go above and beyond the low expectations of society. They believe that society has placed low expectations on teenagers and that teenagersdo-hard-things-book aren’t expected to make contributions to society anymore. Alex and Brett are on a mission to change that.

In Do Hard Things, Alex and Brett explain the movement they created called ‘the Rebelution’ and call their readers to be a part of that. They take you through “Rethinking the Teenage Years” in Part One, then “Five Kinds of Hard” in Part Two and finally, in Part Three, they tell you how to “Join the Rebelution.” Chucked in the mix there is also advice, stories and their own personal experiences.

In addition, they also include an explanation of the Gospel, questions and extra stories, a list of 100 hard things and a conversation guide for each chapter.

Do Hard Things about 294 pages in total, but isn’t a hard read. With its easy-to-understand and relatable language, this book will get you hooked (well, it got me hooked) and leave you starving to become a changemaker, a rebelutionary aaannnddd to check out the website:

I’ve Said It Before and I’ll Say It Again

Do Hard Things is an awesome book equipping teenagers to leap out of their comfort zones, do hard things, rebel against society’s low expectations and become a changemaker. This book changed my life.  I guarantee you, if you read it, Do Hard Things will change your life and you’ll be more on fire to become a changemaker and change the world!

Where to Buy It (to name a few…)


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