That’s right. No, you didn’t hear me wrong. You do have the power to change the world. You may not have harnessed that power yet. But it’s there, deep down inside of you. You have the power to become a change maker and change people’s lives. All it takes is a few little ideas and enthusiasm to do them.

The Life of a Teenager

1 in 10 people don’t have access to safe water (1). 16.7 million people were refugees at the end of 2013 (2). 45% of Australians own a Bible (3). We’ve all heard the stats and felt that there is little we can do as teenagers. I know that every great, inspirational person has said not to let your age get in the way. I know that you feel like it does get in the way.


After being constantly told these stats and advice, I knew that I couldn’t make these excuses and I needed to harness that power inside me. Enter: the ChangeMakers blog. ChangeMakers is targeted at teenagers who need creative, practical and easy ideas to help others. These people can be poverty stricken, non-Christians, refugees, mentally ill or just in need of help. Every week I will post an idea related to these issues, how to help and inspirational stuff to get you off the couch and inspired to help others (books, music, movies, that sort of epic stuff). These posts will encourage you to not let age get in the way of CHANGING THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!


Watch the blog for weekly updates and take in the ideas. Start a movement of changing the world. Also, look out for the Facebook page coming soon. Let your friends know about this awesome blog and get CHANGING!!!!!!!!!!


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