Spotlight: ‘War Room’

Have you ever experienced the feeling where there is a MASSIVE crisis happening and you want to do something to help? Only, there is nothing you can do. You are either too young, don't have enough influence, don't have the resources or the crisis is so humongous that there is nothing you really can do. I … Continue reading Spotlight: ‘War Room’


Sharing the Looove

In a world of broken relationships and marriages, it's encouraging when a few-centuries-old tradition is still celebrated. It's even more encouraging when you discover that roughly 150 million cards for said tradition are exchanged every year (1). I am, of course, talking about Valentine's Day, coming up this Tuesday! History Lesson Time!!!! Yeah, nah. There … Continue reading Sharing the Looove

Spotlight: ‘Do Hard Things’

Imagine this: Two bored teenage boys. A stack of books in front them. The announcement from their dad that he was putting them into an intense summer reading program. A few months later, a blog created by these teenage boys which went global, turning into a full-on website. Conferences all around America, with these boys … Continue reading Spotlight: ‘Do Hard Things’